Did You Know:

Students with high arts participation in school have a dropout rate of just 4% – 5 times lower than students without arts education

Students involved in the arts are 4 times more likely to receive an award for academic achievement AND participate in a math or science fair

Students whose arts or music education includes 4 or more years of study average 100 points higher on the SAT

72% of business leaders say that the #1 quality they are looking for in new employees is CREATIVITY.

We have a responsibility as the cultural heart of the region to reach out to the youth in public schools and ensure that they have every opportunity to latch on to the arts, not just for a better living environment, but for themselves. That’s why we are launching the FRIENDS OF THE SYMPHONY campaign: to provide exposure to cultural arts to all public school children and ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get the best education possible.

We are asking you to join us! Click on the link below to pledge a small monthly amount and become a Friend of the Symphony! Your funds will go directly to providing:

  • Assemblies for Title One schools put on by Symphony members
  • Master Classes for public school orchestras to receive instrument-specific instruction
  • More family-friendly concerts like the ones you already enjoy!