Feeding Body and Soul

Everybody needs nourishment. It is important to feed one’s spirit the same way that one feeds the body. As a pillar of the arts community here in Washington County, we at the Southwest Symphony dedicate ourselves to providing this ‘soul food’ to as many as we can. However, there are many right here in St. George that go without proper physical nourishment every day.

We at the SWSO want to expand our reach to help feed everyone, both body and soul. Our second Masterworks concert this season will be themed, “Feeding Body and Soul.” We are partnering with the Utah Food Bank to bring food, hope, and inspiration to all those in need. Please join us!

Our efforts will start this Saturday, April 14th. Volunteers from the SWSO, their families, and anyone who wants to join us will be heading to the Utah Food Bank from 9:00 am to 11:00 to lend a hand wherever it is needed.

On the night of the concert (April 29th, 7:30 pm), baskets will be placed at the entrances to the Cox theater for cash donations. 100% of all funds collected in these baskets will go directly to the Utah Food Bank.

Please join us this special night to help the Symphony expand our reach, and feed both bodies and souls!