Expanding our Reach

What is the role of a symphony orchestra within a given community?

More importantly, what can a symphony orchestra do within a community?

As our mission statement says, we (are here to) inspire and enrich audiences through the transformative power of symphonic music. We want the reach of that power to be as long as it can be. We believe that there is no limit to where that power can have influence.

In the coming weeks and months, and hopefully continuing on in the further development of the Symphony, we want to bring our efforts to reach the entire community to the forefront, especially to those with whom a connection with the Symphony will bring the greatest good, and make the largest impact, specifically children, and those with special needs.

Recent studies in achievement show that there are two elements that, if present in a child’s life, will open the door to them to achieve great things:

  1. The opportunity to hone a skill, any skill, over time and with persistent practice
  2. To receive the rewards of that practice, especially if those rewards are simply to perform the skill at a high level

These two elements combined help to cultivate what Angela Duckworth calls Grit. I will allow you to read her book and to learn all she has to say about the subject, but the abbreviated point here is that we want to inspire kids, kids who may not be able to hear a symphony orchestra under other circumstances, to play music, to hone a skill, and thus to develop grit and become agents of good in the world around them. What better way could there be to inspire and enrich the world?

We will be rolling out new outreach programs and opportunities for participation in the near future; please stay tuned!