Carrying the Legacy forward


If the thought ever occurred that orchestral music is a relatively new venture within Washington County, think again. St. George and its surrounding towns have been peppered with music for as long as there have been people here to play it. Started and supported by those families whose names you most likely recognize and associate with St. George history, groups have sprung up in such unlikely places and times as Enterprise in the 1920’s, Gunlock in 1880, Washington City in 1935, and more.


Indeed, the closer one looks, it almost appears as though a musical culture is one of the hidden underpinnings of the area, and cannot help but present itself. Although we have been without a professional orchestra, people of every walk of life have spent their off work hours honing their musical chops and getting groups together to share the joy of music with others.

The longer I live here and the deeper I dig, the more I find that this aspect of St. George has not changed in the slightest. You won’t have to look hard to find a friend or neighbor that is actually an accomplished musician, composer, arranger, or is simply passionate about organizing a group to play together. The Symphony itself, as you will read in the coming weeks, was started and is currently managed and peopled by non professionals that just love what they do. It’s a privilege to be a part of an organization that has inherited this rich legacy and seeks to carry it forward.