Social Media Specialist

  • Create Events on Facebook for all concerts, master classes, galas, fundraisers
  • Change out Banner, Event, and concert post in a timely manner for optimal viewing time before each concert
  • Create Concert posts using approved artwork from Marketing, increase updates as concert date approaches
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Development for our Donor/Sponsorship Social Media campaign as part of the Donor/Sponsor perks
  • Tag guests, donors, sponsors, etc. on every applicable post
  • Create meaningful and inquisitive content on FB and IG to engage audience, get likes, and increase follows
  • Attend monthly staff meetings, give updates, get current info
  • Create posting schedule and add to master Google Calendar
  • Take pictures of rehearsals, musicians, guest artists, events, etc., to show an approachable and community oriented group
  • Offer online contests to gain more followers, engagement, and interest
  • Possibly begin using Twitter

“Other” tasks

  • Manage Poster Placement Program 
    • Create locations schedules, check all postings
    • Manage musician team, assign members to locations
    • Prepare posting “packages” all needed posters, tape, pins, extras
    • Follow up to make sure Posters are posted in a timely manner and changed out with every concert
  • Take Meeting minutes for quarterly Board Meetings
  • Create and maintain approved email list for local music teachers to send periodic information about concerts, events, master classes, etc.