Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with David Park
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Tonight's Program

David Park

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto
Lucas Darger, Conductor

Symphony No.1

— Florence Price —

Allegro ma non troppo
Largo, maestoso
Juba Dance (Allegro)
Finale (Presto)




Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op.64

— Felix Mendelssohn —

Allegro molto appassionato
Allegretto non troppo


From the Board

Alyce Gardner

Board Chair

Dear Friends,

I BELIEVE in the power of great music to inspire, elevate, ignite and transform, to motivate, encourage, calm, heal and strengthen, and to bring peace and joy. That is why I am here.

I BELIEVE great music brings depth, richness and meaning to life as it has affected me personally in profound ways. I take the charge seriously to preserve this art form, our way of life and our culture.

Gustavo Dudamel, Maestro of the LA Philharmonic said, “I BELIEVE my role is to keep spreading the message. The art, the music, the culture, goes beyond something only for entertainment. It heals the community. It heals the soul of the people.” I couldn’t agree more.

Meet the Maestro

Lucas Darger

I can’t believe this will already be my seventh season with the Southwest Symphony, but I’m so proud to be working with this amazing group! It has been inspiring to watch these musicians grow and thrive, and I know that they will reach new heights this year. They’ve worked hard each year to learn and improve and create fantastic performances, and the word has spread and it has enabled us to continue to add excellent new musicians each year. All their work has paid off, and we’ve now earned the Best of State distinction for four years in a row!

What has been really special is to see how the community has embraced and supported our symphony and what we do. Our patrons have recognized the improvements being made, and our concerts are often sold out and filled to capacity. We’ve had to add additional nights and additional concerts, and we absolutely love it.

I’m excited for many firsts this season: We will be recording and releasing an album for the first time; we will be performing Florence Price’s Symphony here for the first time, and we will also be giving the St George premiere of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony! I look forward to having you all be here with us for this historic season!

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