Lamb of God Auditions

Congratulations to our 2020 cast!

PeterBJ Cox
ThomasAndy Powell
JohnConnor Lee
PilateBryndon Hatch
Accuser/Pharisee/WitnessBryce Webber
Narrator – manBrad Christensen
Narrator – womanBarb Christensen
Mary MagdaleneTenille Coello
Rachel CoxMartha
Mary the MotherChrissy Rogers
Mary of BethanyEmma Bowler
MaidKris Barber
WomanSandee Stevenson

General Information

The Southwest Symphony, LietoVoices! and Featured Soloists will be presenting Rob Gardner’s “Lamb of God” on Friday, April 10, 2020 and Saturday, April 11, 2020 in the Cox Auditorium at 7:30pm. 

Follow these steps to audition for a soloist or narrator:

Step 1:  Submit a Lamb of God soloist application online at

Step 2: 1st Round preliminary auditions for soloists and narrators will be done via video submission. Please email your video audition to by January 1, 2020. You must perform the music selection included on the symphony website. For example, if you are auditioning for Peter, you will sing, “This is He.” 

Step 3: 2nd Round live auditions will be held by invitation on Thursday, January 16, 2020 from 6-9pm in the Pine View High School Choir Room. Soloists will perform a selection from the production and an accompanist will be provided. You will be notified and assigned an audition time in advance. Please note available roles and music selections. 

Step 4: Final casting will be announced via email and on

Please review this important information:

  • The audition is open to experienced, classically trained singers.
  • Soloists and narrators will be provided with a stipend. 
  • Soloists and narrators are required to attend designated rehearsals beginning in February 2020. Rehearsals will be held Tuesday and/or Wednesday evenings. Mandatory dress rehearsals are April 7-9, 2020. 
  • Formal concert dress is required for soloists and narrators. (Full length, Black long-sleeved formal dresses for women, black concert tuxedo, vest, black tie with white shirt for men.)
  • All music will be performed memorized at the dress rehearsals and performances. 
  • 2 Complimentary tickets will be given to each soloist/narrator.

Please see the attached audition music.

**To listen to the music and get more details on the production please visit:

Role RangeMusic selection for audition
PeterTenorThis is He (Measures 79-97) p.13-15
JohnTenorThe Last Supper (Measures 13-60) p.53-59
Pilate/JudasHigh BaritoneJudas’ Deal (Measures 6-25) p.38-40
PhariseeBaritone/TenorThis is He (Measures 16-43) p. 6-10
AccuserTenorThis is He (Measures 16-43) p. 6-10
False WitnessTenorGethsemane (Measures 104-116) p72-73
Narrator (man)AnyNarration Part III Page iv-v
Narrator (woman)AnyNarration Part III Page iv-v
Mary Magdalene
Gloria (Measures 88-119) p108-110
MarthaSopranoMake Me Whole (Measures 86-143) p22-26
Mary of BethanyAltoI Am the Resurrection (Measures 20-26) p28-29
Mary (the mother)Low mezzo/altoTo Calvary (Measures 43-52) p. 89-90
MaidSoprano or 1st AltoGethsemane (Measures 162-172) p76-77
DamselSopranoGethsemane (Measures 167-172) p. 76-77