Elevate and Inspire!

The first post of an ongoing feature is always the toughest. How to begin to speak to an already loyal audience in a brand new voice? This blog, of course, is the smallest of many changes that the Symphony is undergoing this year, but not to worry, nothing that you love about SWS is going away. Everything new is there to further Elevate and Inspire.

This blog will be where you will be able to not only find out what upcoming programs you will be able to enjoy, but it’s also my aim to heighten your Symphony experience. For each scheduled performance, there will be four featured articles:

Personnel Profile:

Who is your Southwest Symphony Orchestra? These are a group of very talented individuals, but they are also your neighbors, your friends, your work colleagues. We’ll start to tell the story of these people, how they came to be where they are, and what they love best about their involvement with the SWS.

Show Preview:

In my own experience, the more background I have about a composer or a piece, the greater my appreciation for that piece is, and the more I enjoy it every time I hear it played. Did you know, for example, that Edvard Grieg’s piece “March of the Trolls,” which will be a part of the Halloween Spooktacular, has been played under the title “March of the Dwarfs” because trolls were a largely unknown mythical creature outside of Norway (Grieg’s motherland)? I am excited about unearthing little known bits and pieces about all of these compositions this year, and sharing them with you.

Culture Closeup:

Ok so it’s nice to know that Grieg came from Norway and what trolls are and all of that, but what does that have to do with our own history? Let’s discover the rich history of the humanities here in our beautiful Dixie together. Who are our local artists, both past and present? Which was the first theater here in town? What are the highlights of the present local arts scene? This feature will endeavor to uncover everything Arts that St George has to offer, both past and present.

Plan Your Night Out:

Looking to make an evening of your SWS experience? Are you taking a date? Your spouse? Your children? Your old Army buddy? What are some of the local things that you can do around town to make it a memorable evening (as if the music itself weren’t enough)?

I look forward to getting Elevated and Inspired with all of you!