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Congratulations, Salute to Youth Winners!

We had so many incredible musicians enter and perform at such a high level this year. Please join us March 2nd to celebrate the winners and hear their incredible performances:

Jessie Ostler - Cello
Seva Robertson - Piano
Aubrey Aikele - Piano
Aryanna Holmes - Violin
Bryson Gubler - Piano



“Bravo, Bravo! I must write and let everyone who missed the Southwest Symphony program on Oct. 27 at the Cox Center [know it was] an evening long to be remembered. Words can’t even explain how wonderful it was. Even magnificent doesn’t even come close. I have attended symphonies and theaters in Europe, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and many other states and have never seen or heard a finer program with dance, vocals and orchestra. It always amazes me the talent this small town has and how wonderful they all present it.” - Harold Tanner, The Spectrum

“An amazing concert! I thought I was at the Smith Center in Las Vegas!”- Kris Barber

"The concert was SO WONDERFUL! Super entertaining and done so well. Wow for St. George! The entire night was amazing and perfect- right down to the ambiance. Flawless Performance.”- Francis Smith

"That was the best show I have ever seen. I am a huge fan now. I have seen many concerts but that was the best one I have ever seen. I really want to go to another one. I will tell everybody to go to your concerts. I loved all of it. thank you for making my night great." - Bentley Holt

Thank you so much for such a fantastic performance tonight and for allowing my daughter to perform with ZYSO beforehand! I am still in awe at how incredible everything was and I wish I had bought tickets for both nights. Thanks, again, for sharing your awesome talents with us! - Heather Kearl

A quick message to thank the performers for last night’s concert of Handel’s Messiah. It was done with such reverence to the sacred message. The orchestra, chorus and soloists were superb. I’ve attended multiple local performances of the Messiah. This was the best. - Michael Larsen