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We inspire and enrich audiences through
the transformative power of symphonic music.
As the cultural heart of the community,
we share the beauty of music through educational and entertaining performances.

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A weekly blog to bring you all the current info about what the Southwest Symphony is up to!

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FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE! Josh Wright plays the Rachmoninov 3rd Piano Concerto

With the reputation as one of the most technically challenging piano concertos in the classical repertoire, Billboard #1 artist and National Chopin competition prizewinner, Josh Wright, demonstrates his technical brilliance through his performance of Rachmaninoff’s 3rd piano concerto. A unique combination of power, poetry and speed, the “Rach 3” is a dazzling display of virtuosity juxtaposed with plush,melancholy melodies. This all-Russian program pays homage to the composer who inspired Rachmaninoff himself- the legendary Tchaikovsky with a performance of his 4th symphony.



“Bravo, Bravo! I must write and let everyone who missed the Southwest Symphony program on Oct. 27 at the Cox Center [know it was] an evening long to be remembered. Words can’t even explain how wonderful it was. Even magnificent doesn’t even come close. I have attended symphonies and theaters in Europe, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and many other states and have never seen or heard a finer program with dance, vocals and orchestra. It always amazes me the talent this small town has and how wonderful they all present it.” - Harold Tanner, The Spectrum

“An amazing concert! I thought I was at the Smith Center in Las Vegas!”- Kris Barber

"The concert was SO WONDERFUL! Super entertaining and done so well. Wow for St. George! The entire night was amazing and perfect- right down to the ambiance. Flawless Performance.”- Francis Smith